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Development of a social network like WhatsApp

  • Hello everyone. I want to develop a social network application like WhatsApp.
    1-I would like to know if it is possible with C ++ and QML
    2-I can integrate end-to-end encryption
    3-How to take me in relation to mobile phones, Android, ios, ...
    4-How I can organize the whole project.

    I specify, I want to use C ++ and QML (100% Qt)
    Thanks for your advices.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For the client side of things, yes but you are currently ignoring all the server side stuff that provides the backbone of your service.

    Also note that you are going to need additional libraries to implement your communication protocol unless you want to do everything from scratch which is not recommended. There are already librairies that implements for example the signal protocol.

  • Hello SGaist. Thank you for your answer. Yes I have planned C ++ QML for the client side and C ++ Qt for the server side. As for the communication protocol, I want to use QTcpSocket and QTcpServer instead. I know it will be complicated, but using an external library makes me dependent ... I think.

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    It is possible to do.

  • Hi GrecKo. Thank you .
    Ok please give me some details like SGaist did.
    Also on the push notification.

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    @Ahimson2 said in Development of a social network like WhatsApp:

    but using an external library makes me dependent ... I think.

    You are already dependent on Qt.

    That said, you have to take in the balance:

    • Using a well established and reviewed library
    • Writing everything from scratch

    And then ask people to trust you for transmitting and possibly storing sensitive data.

  • Hi SGaist. You are right..I will see what to do ..
    Then regarding the push notification, is there a simple and efficient library that I can integrate into Qt to do this ?
    Thank you.

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    If memory serves well the guys from Felgo have something for that.

    Otherwise, there's this article that gives interesting information about that matter.

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