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QRadioTuner example does not work on N9

  • Tried simple example on my N9 and in console I see:
    defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "com.nokia.qt.radio"
    Anyone ?

  • hm..tried QSystemInfo dump and see FmradioFeature is available, but
    FmTransmitterFeature not.

    ****** Start system info *******
    Support for QSystemInfo::BluetoothFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::CameraFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::FmradioFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::IrFeature is FALSE
    Support for QSystemInfo::LedFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::MemcardFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::UsbFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::VibFeature is FALSE
    Support for QSystemInfo::WlanFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::SimFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::LocationFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::VideoOutFeature is FALSE
    Support for QSystemInfo::HapticsFeature is TRUE
    Support for QSystemInfo::FmTransmitterFeature is FALSE
    Country HR language en
    ****** Stop system info *******

    Anyone got it to work ?

  • Ok, seem that it does not work with sdk-1.1.4 ... (but with fmrx app it works), so I hope that it'll work in next sdk release.

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