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Please help: Download file from server using HTTP/2 protocol consumes too much RAM

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm facing a very headache problem.
    I use Qt 5.9.6 to write a simple program to download file from server which is using HTTP/2 protocol.
    I observe that my program consumes amount of RAM same as the downloaded file size. If I download file 1GB then my RAM will increase gradually to 1GB and will be released when downloading finishes.

    This issue does not occur if I download file from server using HTTP/1.1 protocol.

    Here is my code:

        QNetworkAccessManager qnam;
        QNetworkReply *rep;
        // Open file to write downloaded data
        QFile file("C:\\Download\\");
        if (! {
        // This server uses http/2 protocol
        QUrl url(QStringLiteral(""));
        QNetworkRequest req(url);
        // Enable http/2 protocol for request.
        // If you download from server using http/1.1 please comment this line
        req.setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::HTTP2AllowedAttribute, true);
        // Start to download
        rep = qnam.get(req);
        // Connect signals
        QObject::connect(rep, &QNetworkReply::finished, [&](){
            // Download finished, stop event loop
        QObject::connect(rep, &QNetworkReply::sslErrors, [&](const QList<QSslError> &errors){
            qDebug() << errors;
        QObject::connect(rep, &QNetworkReply::readyRead, [&](){
            // Write data to file
        // Start event loop
        // Close file and delete NetworkReply pointer

    There're some reasons prevent me from upgrading to Qt's newer version so currently I'm still using Qt 5.9.6.

    Please help me, I appreciate any help from you all.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since QNetworkReply is a QIODevice, why not use readyRead and read the data as they arrive ?

  • Hi @SGaist
    Yes, I do use readyRead signal to read data when they arrive. You can check my code above

    QObject::connect(rep, &QNetworkReply::readyRead, [&](){
            // Write data to file

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    My bad, the code rendering is sometime tricky.

    Even if locked with 5.9.6, can you check if it works better with a more recent version of Qt ?

  • Since all my projects are using Qt 5.9.6 so I cannot upgrade to newer version now (it will take time to make everything works fine with recent Qt version).
    I wonder if we have a solution for this (or root cause is ok)

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    The fact that you are locked to 5.9.6 is well understood, my suggestion is to check whether it's still the case with a more recent version of Qt and if it's the case, you might be able to backport said fix. You do not need to re-build your whole application, just make a minimal app that does the download to observe the effect.

  • Got it, let me try.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • This post is deleted!

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    It still would be nice if you can try to reproduce it with 5.15.x and if it still happens without you start/endTransaction() stuff, create a bug report so it gets fixed. I don't have a http/2 server for testing here so can't try it out by myself.

  • Sorry I forgot to enable HTTP/2. I re-checked again and RAM is still increased.
    You can test by downloading file from here:
    This server is using HTTP/2 protocol.

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