[SOLVED] Anyone know where to find a 30K foot view of Qt / Android development...

  • Hi,

    Sorry for such a general question, but I am a bit confused. And I'm sure the people here can clear the smoke. We have been developing Qt applications for the desktop (simulation) and for a MIPS processor (target). But now someone has asked if it is possible to have demo versions of our Qt applications which run on less expensive Android tablets. Well, after about an hour of poking around, I am thinking that I have to abandon the Qt SDK from Nokia and load in something called Necessitas Qt Suite! I don't even know if the two are compatible. That is, can exist on the same machine let alone operate independently.

    Do any know where these types of questions can be answered?

    1. Can I just use the Nokia Qt SDK I have been using to create Qt applications which run on my Windows7 box for creating Android Qt executables?

    2. Do I really need Necessitas to create Android Qt executables of my Qt applications?

    3. Can Necessitas Qt and Nokia Qt exist on the same build machine?

    4. Can I do any Qt development and / or compiling directly on a Tablet Computer?


    1. No, both SDK's provide the same tools, but with different plugins (and some changes on the code base in case of Qt and Qt Creator). They also have other dependencies (Qt, Qt Creator).

    2. Yes, Necessitas and the Android NDK

    3. Yes.

    4. No.

  • Let me see if I understand:

    1. Necessitas does not work by its self, right?
    2. The Qt Creator from Nokia needs to be installed and running first?
    3. Necessitas needs to be loaded into Nokia Qt Creator to be used?
    4. Necessitas works similar to the other embedded targets already part of Qt Creator?

    BTW, if there is a web page explaining this it would be a great help. Right now I'm looking at:
    http://sourceforge.net/p/necessitas/wiki/Setup QtCreator/
    ...and (I think) it is assuming knowledge that I don't have. For instance, I don't know what "ant" mean w.r.t. version "ant 1.8.0". All I see in my installation of the nokia Qt Creator are two version numbers "2.3.0" and "4.7.0".


    1. Think of Necessitas as "Qt SDK for Android". It's self contained. It has all you need to get started with android development from a Qt perspective. It's just not called that because of Trademark issues.

    2&3. Necessitas comes with its own version of Qt Creator, which has been extended to connect to android devices. You need to use this version of Qt creator.

    1. Yes, it works similar.

    Ant is something like qmake, but for Java. it's an android SDK dependency. If you want to get started without much pain, I recommend watching http://developer.qt.nokia.com/videos/watch/targeting-android-with-qt.

  • Hmm, the forum software is being stupid again, http://developer.qt.nokia.com/videos/watch/targeting-android-with-qt is the the right URL.

  • [quote author="danimo" date="1325699878"]Hmm, the forum software is being stupid again, http://developer.qt.nokia.com/videos/watch/targeting-android-with-qt is the the right URL.[/quote]

    You can edit your posts and remove the superfluous dot - just in case you didn't know :)

  • Thanks danimo for the feed back. I'm going to mark this thread as solved ('cause I think they like that sort of stuff around here). But I am likely to continue to ask questions as I install and use both QtCreator and (QtCreatorForAndroid) Necessitas.


  • Hopefully you guys are still monitoring this "solved" thread.

    I have been using an old install of necessitas on a Fedora system. Appears to be working. Just installed a fresh copy on a Ubuntu system. When I load in a fresh Qt project, I see the option to creating both an Android AND a Desktop! I am confused. I had the normal Qt loaded from the Ubuntu repositories already. So what is happening?

    1. Did the necessitas version of Qt find the previously installed Qt and is now offering to do multiple builds simultainously?

    2. Does necessitas now (or has always been able to) offer both a native build and an Android build?


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