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Adding tableview to scene, appearing small and with scroll bars

  • Hello,
    I have added a QTableView widget to a scene associated with a graphics view. But The tableview is appearing very small with scroll bars enabled in the view. I Do know that i need to do some coordinate conversions. Im a newbie to qt and can someone help me what conversions needs to be made . Thanks for any help in advance.
    Screenshot 2021-05-30 at 10.25.43 PM.png

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    Im not sure what it uses for default size (size hit function, i guess) but you can just
    call resize() before calling scene->addWidget()

    alt text

    auto m_pTableWidget = new QTableWidget();
        m_pTableWidget->setHorizontalHeaderLabels(QStringList() << "#" << "Name" << "Text");   
        m_pTableWidget->setItem(0, 1, new QTableWidgetItem("Hello"));
        scene->addWidget( m_pTableWidget);

  • @mrjj said in Adding tableview to scene, appearing small and with scroll bars:


    Thanks for the quick reply @mrjj . Im using a qtableview with a model. so the data is inserted dynamically .. i wont be able to hardcode the size in resize function right.
    The issue can be reproducible with the below code in a mainwindow application.

        QStandardItemModel *indexPageModel=new QStandardItemModel;
        QTableView *indexPageTableView=new QTableView();
        QStandardItem *item00 = new QStandardItem("   Title  ");
        indexPageModel->setItem(0, 0, item00);
        QStandardItem *item01 = new QStandardItem("  X-axis  ");
        indexPageModel->setItem(0, 1, item01);
        QStandardItem *item02 = new QStandardItem("  Y-axis  ");
        indexPageModel->setItem(0, 2, item02);
        QStandardItem *item03 = new QStandardItem("    Page#    ");
        indexPageModel->setItem(0, 3, item03);
        QStandardItem *item04 = new QStandardItem("    Trend#    ");
        indexPageModel->setItem(0, 4, item04);
        QStandardItem *item05 = new QStandardItem("Trend Relationship");
        indexPageModel->setItem(0, 5, item05);
        QGraphicsScene *scene=new QGraphicsScene(this);
        QGraphicsProxyWidget *proxy = scene->addWidget(indexPageTableView);
        ui->graphicsView->setAlignment(Qt::AlignTop | Qt::AlignLeft);```

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    Normally you assign some portion of the form to the table and if its bigger, it get scrollbars.

    Is your goal to sum up all the header size so that it never will show scrollbars ?

    Anyway, you could do like

       int width = (indexPageModel->columnCount() - 1) + indexPageTableView->verticalHeader()->width();    
            for (int column = 0; column < indexPageModel->columnCount(); column++)    
                width = width + indexPageTableView->columnWidth(column);    

    alt text

  • This works perfect . Thanks you so much.

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    Np. providing code I can just run always help the motivation to have a look.

  • Hi @mrjj . I am finding it difficult in one more problem w.r.t to the current thread. with the solution that you have given above i am able to set geometry for the tableview so that scroll bars dont appear. this works in mac. but in windows the height and width doesnt fit the actual height and width and scroll bars are appearing.(so is the solution platform independent?) Can you pls help me here ?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Hi that is a bit odd as I did this on windows to test :)
    It should be platform independent but as with all font stuff, there might be

    So how many pixels are missing for it not to show scrollbars ?


    or much , much more ?

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  • Hi @mrjj . Thanks for the quick reply. around some 20 to 25 pixels is missing . we are doing resizeColumnsToContents() right. This should be considering the font sizes right ?

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    yes resizeColumnsToContents();
    should calculate the needed space with the current font.
    and we then add up the needed sizes and expand the view.

    Do you use any stylesheet or anything that could make the calculation a bit off ?

    I don't see it here from a fast test so i wonder what difference it.

  • @mrjj . yeah i am using this style:
    indexPageTableView->setStyleSheet("QTableView::item{border: 2px solid black}");

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    can you check without if its then accurate ?

  • sure let me check.

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  • Hi @mrjj . i have removed the stylesheet changes. it still didnt work!

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    try setting
    alt text

    and see if then the table is not fully drawn.
    I recall it will "reserve" some space for the scrollbars and hence the width of a scrollbar is missing in the calcualation.

  • @mrjj . Thanks a ton for your help. Its working perfectly.