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How install Balsam

  • I am trying to use the Balsam to convert some CAD models, however I don't have it intalled. What should I do to install it in Ubuntu?

  • Hi !
    Did you find your answer ? I'm trying to do the same and cannot find the balsam tool anywhere...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK it's part of QtQuick3D, did you install that module ?

  • Hi @SGaist, thank you for your answer !

    In fact, I don't really know what you mean by "installing that module"... I'm already using it, and installed components through Qt Online Installer.

    I can explain a little bit more my situation: I'm on Windows. I'm using PySide6 ('pip install pyside6') for the backend of my application as I'm working with Python code. I already have an application built, with a View3D displaying models, playing with it from python code signals and slots to QML files. As of now, I can drag and drop some assets in the QtDesigner and see it in the application, but I would like to do it programmatically. Can I write a few python lines to do it, or should I always go through Windows / Linux terminal ?

    How can I acces the balsam tool as the command is always 'not found' ?

    Thanks a lot for your support !

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    What exactly did you install on Windows ?
    Only PySide6 or also at least on Qt release ?
    If both, did you check into the installation tree whether you have balsam is there ?

  • Hi !

    I did the whole process again, and I got it working. So here is what I did:

    I installed only Qt Design Studio from the Qt Online Installer for Open Source Development. The balsam.exe file is then located (in my case) there: 'C:\Qt\Tools\QtDesignStudio\qt5_design_studio_reduced_version\bin\balsam.exe'.

    Now I can run balsam in the terminal:

    C:\Qt\Tools\QtDesignStudio\qt5_design_studio_reduced_version\bin\balsam.exe sample_mesh.obj

    Or add the bin directory to the Windows Environment Variables' Path and execute directly:

    balsam sample_mesh.obj

    It creates (in the current directory) a .qml and .mesh file that can then be imported into any QML View3D in my application.

    Now, is there a way to get the tool without installing Qt Designer Studio (1.45 Gb) ? Otherwise, I got it working, so thank you, and I hope that my quick description of the problem resolution will help someone else !

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    Do you have a standard Qt installed as well ?

  • I have PySide6 installed via "pip", and now Qt Designer installed, and that's all I need for developing right now, right?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    From the looks of it yes.

    The standard Qt was just to check whether balsam was also available with it. From the looks of it, yes.

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