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Looking for an embedded Linux platform kit

  • Hey guys, I have been using Qt for awhile now, and I want to step up my game a bit. I would really like to build a fully integrated embedded Linux project using Qt and Yocto but I am not really sure where to start. I don't want to skip any steps. I would like that target board to basically be a blank slate and then embedded the Linux platform on the target myself with Yocto followed up with a Qt project of my own design. I want the project to be complete with it's own integrated lcd display. Is anyone aware of any kits available online for purchase of this nature? Is this Boot to Qt?

  • start by emulating a board in QEMU. It provides a rich set of virtual drivers and you can tune the VM as needed. Use that as a starting point, then choose your real hardware after gaining some experience using QEMU as a target image.

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    There are several devices that you can target. AFAIK, the most known are the RaspberryPi and BeagleBone Black but you may find other boards with more or less features. It will also depend on whether you want to play with machine learning stuff where the NVIDIA Jetson might be of interest.

  • @SGaist I was thinking I would try following this guide. It seems like what I am looking for in that it starts with a blank board. Then, it teaches you to build the image with Yoccto and finally teaches you to build the Qt SDK.

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    It looks very nice indeed. Thanks for sharing !

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