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QToolTip with different fonts

  • Hi,

    So i was wondering if it is possible to have the text of a QToolTip have multiple fonts. E.g the first line is bold and the second line is italic and so on.
    My assumption is that i have to call QToolTip::showText multiple times and set the font between the calls. However for this i have to change the position of the tooltip after each call and for that i would have to know the height of the tooltip box which i dont think is accessible. So how would i solve this?

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    You can use rich text in your string see here.

  • Yes i already tried that but i am quite confused as to how this can be used. When using a QTextEdit (this is what the rich text link leads to) i still can only return a QString which is necessary due to the ToolTip function and that QString is n ot using different fonts. Maybe i am using the QTextEdit wrong too, im not sure.

        QFont f("Arial", 15, QFont::Bold);
        QFont g("Arial", 10, QFont::Bold);
        QTextEdit t;
        QToolTip::showText(somePos, t.toPlainText());

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    As its name suggests toPlainText returns that: plain text, no formatting. You should get better result with toHtml.

  • Of course. Thank you, that worked.

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    You're welcome !

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