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The program has unexpectedly finished

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    hello guys i cant even run a simple program
    when i click on run for frist time nothing happen and secound time it will say The program has unexpectedly finished and The process was ended forcefully
    when im trying to open C:\Users\Arisikal\Documents\build-untitled-Desktop_Qt_5_14_0_MinGW_32_bit-Debug\untitled.exe
    i will get 3 dll error: ibgcc-s-dw2-1.dll and Qt5core.dll and ilbstdc++-6.dll
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    i have tried reinstalling program and i have tried different versions 5.12.4 and 5.14 still i get this error please help me

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    cout is buffered and will appear later. There's no need to call app.exec(); as you're not doing anything special related to Qt there.

    As for running your application outside of Qt Creator, you need to deploy it before you can run it as explained in the documentation.

  • guys maybe its funny but i just reinstall my windows 10 and everything is work well nowUntitled.png

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