QWebEngineView extremely slow

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    I am building an application that does a lot of things. I wanted to have a built-in web browser, so I am creating it with QWebEngineView. The only problem is that it is so slow I can't even load a URL. The application itself is getting quite big with multiple threads, but this can't be the cause, right? If I create a separate super simple web browser it does work well.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    @leon-missoul said in QWebEngineView extremely slow:

    If I create a separate super simple web browser it does work well

    Well, then it is something in your application. Without knowing more about it is hard to say what the problem is. How high is CPU/MEM usage of your application without QWebEngineView? Did you try to profile your app to see where it spends most time?

  • @jsulm Thanks for your response.

    I made yet another simple one and it's the same. It's so slow that you can't even scroll.
    Memory usage is about 400MB (my pc has 16GB) and CPU almost nothing. The new application is quite simple, so I can't figure out why this is happening.

    I did notice that in the 2 slow versions the browser was inside a qstackedwidget. In the faster one, it wasn't. Weird.

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