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IMX8 wayland dual screen confusion

  • I am running a Variscite iMX8X SOM with two LVDS touchscreen displays attached, currently running Yocto and wayland/weston. I need Qt applications running in each display in fullscreen mode from boot. Getting Qt application running fullscreen in the first display has been easy enough, but I cannot get a second Qt application running on the second screen. Just the weston desktop. It seems like for some reason you cannot spawn applications into screens of your choosing in weston, and the Qt controls for moving applications does not work.

    I have tried going down the custom Qt compositor route. I can get the compositor running in weston OK, but I cannot get it to run from terminal when weston is stopped. I think this is partly due to there being no EGLFS platform file in /usl/lib/plugins/platforms, as eglfs platform is not listed in the error message regarding available platform plugins. I believe that is the platform I need to run the compositor on. I think kms/drm is the backend I should be using.

    root@imx8qxp-var-som:~# ./ivi-compositor --platform egfsl
    qt.qpa.plugin: Could not find the Qt platform plugin "egfsl" in ""
    This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
    Available platform plugins are: minimal, offscreen, vnc, wayland-egl, wayland.

    I have looked at configuring weston to run in ivi mode, as I have heard that is better for what I need, but when doing that the same Qt applications do not display on any screen when run. No error message that I can see anywhere.

    I am just looking for guidance by anyone else who has been down this path before. I am not sure which direction to push with this problem.


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