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QT for AWS linux 2 : qtwebengine and qtwebenginewidget is not available.

  • How to get the open-source compiled qt for AWS linux?

    I am trying to run my application on AWS linux 2 and getting dependencies issues given below:

    libQt5WebEngineWidgets.so.5 => not found
    libQt5WebEngineCore.so.5 => not found

    AWS linux 2 is RHEL 7 based and I also enabled epel-release version 7 for the same.

    But still no support for that.. Is there any package which resolved my problem?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Your question is not clear. Are you trying to build Qt for it or to use packages from that distribution ?

  • Hi @SGaist ,

    I have already a QT based application, which is running fine on Ubuntu, CentOS 8 and RHEL. I am trying to run my application on the AWS linux 2 but it is asking for the library dependencies i.e qtWebengine and qtWebengineWidget.

    These both Libraries/Packages are a part of the epel-release in case of ubuntu 16_18_20 , Centos8, RHEL8, but not in the case of AWS linux 2. Moreover AWS linux 2 in based on CentOS version 7.

    If I will get both the packages/Libraries for AWS linux, then my application would work fine.\

    As per the website "https://pkgs.org" it says that we need to use viber.rpm which is third party application to resolve the dependencies.

    Right now, I am looking for the packages "qt5-qtwebengine" and "qt5-qtwebenginewidget" so that I can continue with my testing. But the concern is how to get these packages in AWS linux 2

  • Hi @SGaist ,

    Any pointer on this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Can you explain why you want to have webengine on a system that is designed to run web backend related workload ?

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