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QtConcurrent::run() is failing sometimes

  • Hello All,

    I have a requirement of executing a method in thread where the time consuming activity is happens in a thread and emits a signal to QML when the data is available.
    After lots of googling, I have found QtConcurrent::run() feature provided by the QML.

    I have used QtConcurrent::run() feature, but it is failing some times.
    modelThread.isRunning() is returning "false" on qDebug().

    I dont know why, Can anyone please help me on this ?

    Below is the pseudo code

    Please note, QFuture<void> modelThread is a member variable.

    	QObject::connect(this, SIGNAL(fillRequest()), this, SLOT(updateRequest()));
    void sampleClass::sendRequest(QString arg1, int arg2)
    	//assigning arguments to member variables
    	emit fillRequest();
    void sampleClass::updateRequest()
    	modelThread = QtConcurrent::run(this, &sampleClass::processRequest);
            qDebug() << "modelThread =  " << modelThread.isRunning();
    void sampleClass::processRequest()
    	//Time consuming processing happens in this method
    	// emit signal to inform QML that model is ready
        emit processRequestIsReady();
    In sample.qml,
    sampleClassObject {
    	id: local_ObjectModel
    	Component.onCompleted: {
    	local_ObjectModel.sendRequest(arg1, agr2)
    	function sigHandler() {
            gridView.model = local_ObjectModel;

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    As they documentation of the function states:

    Runs function in a separate thread.
    The thread is taken from the global QThreadPool.
    Note that function may not run immediately; function will only be run once a thread becomes available.

  • @SGaist - Thanks for the information. The issue is resolved now. Below is the sample code

    QFutureWatcher<void> *modelThread = setFuture(QtConcurrent::run(this, &classname::method));

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