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  • I have to deploy an QT-project on Debian 10 64 bit.
    Thursday the 13 of april (day after tomorrow) is the project deadline and i can't get QT on Debian to work due to an xcb is i stalled but couldn't be found error. I tryed to follow some guidelines but couldn't get it to work. Same error again and again. I would appriciate help of any kind but it has to be quick a d easy as far as this is possible. (Working from 7:15 am to 5:00 pm CET)

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    Based on the recent threads we had on the forum, you likely have a too old library version on your system.

    You can check that using ldd on the xcb plugin.

    If so, the quick and dirty solution is to create a symbolic link for the library it's expecting to the one you currently have.

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