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QAction added to both QToolBar and QMenu, hide it just from the QToolBar

  • I'm stuck solving what seems to be a dumb task, and would really appreciate any help.essay writer

    So here's the situation:I have a QMainWindow object, with a few QActions, a QMenuBar with QMenus and QToolBars, all created with Qt Designer.

    In QtDesigner, I added ActionWidgets for those QActions to both QMenus and QToolBars (so the action is visible both in the QMenu and the QToolBar).

    I would then like to either hide or remove the ActionWidget of some of the aforementioned QActions from a QToolBar containing it, but keeping it visible in the QMenu in a slot, say when a QCheckBox is toggled.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Why action widgets ?

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