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Change in the path of the Qt headers .

  • I am transferring Old QT project from one system to another.

    All the library paths are same as in the previous system.

    I have added Qt to the visual studio and able to create new QT projects on the system.

    But when I try to open the project which was created on another system , the project is not able to find the QT header files.

    The reason is that now QT header files cannot be accesed directly.

    if i try to access a QT header file with name like i was using before in the previous system.

    include <Qdebug>

    I am not able to access the file .

    but I have to to acces it like.

    include <QtCore/qdebug.h>

    These are the QT setting on the new system.



    The difference between the two project is their project setting file.

    i am not able to find the QT PROJECT SETTING Tab in the properties of the old project , but all the new projects that i create has this project setting.


    The the the property page for the old project which i have migrated to this system.


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    @summit said in Change in the path of the Qt headers .:

    include <Qdebug>

    You have a typo here, it's #include <QDebug>.

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