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Qt Quick Scene Graph doesn't display anything on embedded system (Yocto).

  • Good Morning,

    Qt Quick Scene Graph doesn't display any acquisition curve on the screen of our imx6 board. (the rest of our QML GUI works fine, but the component supposed to show a curve remains blank).

    About QSG: Is it combatible with platform "linuxfb"? or does it assume we've openGL (we have neither openGL nor any hardware graphic acceleration)...

    I've attempted to add into the code the following instructions:


    but that doesn't show much more...

    Thanks for your reading and thanks in advance for your help!


  • Sorry folks, the question was vague and the begining of a development...
    Apparently to make Qt Quick Scene Graph work on an embedded system displaying GUI on the frame buffer, we need to recompile Qt on Yocto, and provide fake/dummy libraries and
    Obviously it will be rendered using software, as there is no hardware graphic support in that case, but it still needs "empty" to do so.