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Q_PROPERTY - write function for multiple property

  • Hello,

    I have array of int variables.
    This array I sync with other PC.

    I export value as property to show in QML:

    Q_PROPERTY(int delay		        MEMBER delay		NOTIFY delayChange )
    Q_PROPERTY(int temp			MEMBER temp		NOTIFY tempChange )

    It's work perfectly.
    Now I need to, on some variable, be able to change value. So I append WRITE:

    Q_PROPERTY(int delay		MEMBER delay	WRITE delayWrite	NOTIFY delayChange )
    Q_PROPERTY(int temp		MEMBER temp	WRITE tempWrite		NOTIFY tempChange )

    It's working but in my implementaion Write function I call same function for all variable - changeVariable(int position, int value). Only change position -position is position in synced array.

    So I need write lot of trivial function - Is any option how to do it? Some addicional argument to WRITE function?

    Thank you

  • Moderators

    @poucz I would suggest, if you're using QtCreator:

    Right click in Q_PROPERTY -> Refactor -> Generate Missing Q_PROPERTY members

    I use it all the time. It won't work for your quite as well, as you have an array as underlying data structure.

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