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Converting From Hexadecimal to QString

  • Hi Guys,
    This is my first post here and I'm hoping you can help me out. I've a project in which I have to implement unions so I'm doing so with a packed representation and component-wise representation of a hexadecimal color. The code below will clear things up but basically I'm stuck on how to convert from the hexadecimal to a QString so that I can use it in the stylesheet. If you have any ideas I'd really appreciate your help cause I've been unable to find an answer for the past few hours.

    typedef union color4bTag
        unsigned int      c;    // packed representation
        struct argbTag          // component-wise representation
            unsigned char b;    // (reversed for intel storage order)
            unsigned char g;
            unsigned char r;
            unsigned char a;
            } argb;
        } COLOR4B;
    //setting color.c
        color4bTag color;
        color.c = 0x000000FF;
        QString styleSheet(
          "QMainWindow{background-color: %1;}
    //seting background color
    QString varBGColour(/*What do I put here to get #000000FF*/);

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    You have a nice example shown in that thread.

  • Thank You, :)

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    What's the point of c here?

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