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After online installer (linux), which env. variables should be updated?

  • Hello,

    A beginner question : after the installation which variables like PATH, etc, should be updated ?
    The online installer (qt6) does not update for example the PATH.
    So I have to add the path to QtCreator.
    But should I add all "bin" paths found in the Qt folder ?
    Are there any paths to libs or tools to update or all will be done inside QtCreator ?

    I have installed qt6 but my linux uses qt5 ; so I don't want to override system variables.

    If there is a link in the documentation that explain the post installation customization, feel free to give it to me.


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    The short answer is: none.

    You may add Qt Creator to your desktop environment equivalent of the start menu but otherwise that's all.

    The online installer installs everything in an independent folder for that reason: self containment. Your development installation will not trigger any issue with your distribution whatever the number and versions of Qt you install alongside.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your quick answer. I saw it but I wanted to test before answering.
    It works like you said.

    I had a doubt : as I used an "official installer" when I typed qtcreator and nothing happened I thought that something went wrong or that there was additional steps to finish the installation.

    All works fine.
    Thank you

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