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Joystick events not working with Qt5.15 QML WebEngineView based browser w/ eglfs/weston

  • Hi All,

    I am working on embedded product where we have used buildroot. In old SW we have QT4.8 version & we used QT widget based chromium browser for rendering GUI. There we used LinuxInput to map the joystick (LEFT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, P) keys and we are getting window.keyup/window.keydown events in javascript code in our GUI. And we navigates our GUI overall.

    In new SW migration, we have used QT5.15 in buildroot. We are using new QML based browser to render our GUI in product. But we don't get events of Joysticks with this new QT environment.

    I tried with EGLFS and Weston both. But didn't get events in my JS code. I can display events in QML using Action and/or Keys.onPressed but same doesn't transferred to $window.keyup/keydown in our JS code.

    Please help me with this.