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BigSur Mac & QtCreator 4.12 & Qt 5.14.2 issues

  • Recently updated Mac to BigSur (11.2.2) and Qt Creator 4.12.0 and Qt 5.14.2 (Clang 10.0 (Apple), 64 bit) and desktop apps that had been built in prior Qt Creator configs no longer "launch" - the icon stays in the launch bar. I have had other (permissions) issues with other apps accessing "uncommon" folders, so moved the app to the Applications folder, but no joy. All thoughts and ideas welcome.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How did you install Qt Creator ?

    One thing you can do is start Qt Creator from the command line to see if you get more information about what is happening.

  • Thank you for the suggestion, the documentation offers
    Qt\\ Creator -help
    to start (from directory Qt is in, of course) but zsh responds with "no such file or directory: Qt Creator" - in fact Contents now has Frameworks, Plugins, and Resources - none of which seem to have any Creator files
    Latest BigSur did change other things (cf struggles with renames that people have had with NetBeans and Java) and I wonder if it is that simple an issue. However, we are dead in our tracks - yet we cannot be the only ones affected.

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    From what you wrote, it seems you are missing ./ in front of your path.

  • @SGaist sadly, that wasn't the case. As I said, the Contents folder doesn't have the MacOS directory in it.

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    Can you update to a more recent build of Qt Creator ?

    IIRC current is 4.14

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