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Making good UIs

  • Hello everybody. This is my first time that I wrote on this forum. I'm working from a year over QT and I'm making an application for RaspBerry Pi 4B. I'm here because now I need your help about UI. I'm still using the basic UI made by QT when you create a new design form with class but now I would improve that and I need to make custom icons that could change when the user interact with the application (so I think that I need custom things that can handle signals and slots) and so on. My problem is that I don't know from where to start to learn about QT's ui. Can someone give me a link from the wiki or maybe a little introduction about UI in general? I dunno if this is important but I tell you, I'm programming with C++.
    I know also HTML, JS and CSS. Could that be useful to make a good UI like a web app?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I am unsure about what you are asking for.

    Do you want GUI design guidelines ?

  • Yes. I found something on QT wiki but I don't know from where to start. Maybe starting with something easy and then try with high level tutorials. I dunno.

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    The thing is: you have guidelines you can base your GUI for the various platform Qt targets. For the rest it depends highly on the type of application you want to do.

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