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How to update Qt tools ?

  • Hi everyone,
    I see many tools are necessary like Qt, Qt Creator, Qt mobility, Qt Webkit etc. All these necessary tools are bundled into SDKs. My question is

    1. how to update few some of the tools where other tools remains backdated ?
    2. how can i know which updates will be harmful to the overall SDK ?
    3. Is there anyway to keep 2 different Qt creator for same SDK in the same time so that I can choose any of them when i like ? Same question applies for the Qt and other tools.

    Thank you.

    1. If you have installed a Qt SDK you will notice a Maintenance tool that comes along and does what you want. In Windows it can be found at the Start Menu entry of Qt SDK. Also it can easily be executed from inside Qt Creator under "Help" -> "Start Updater". As soon as it starts, you can either just update all your components (Update Components) or manage the components already installed and/or install others (Package Manager).

    2. I don't think you can, since there is no concrete definition of harmful updates.

    3. You can have as many Qt versions as you want. Then from inside Qt Creator you will be choosing for each of your projects the version that you will be working on. Regarding your question on the 2 different Qt Creator, i haven't understood exactly what you are asking so if you want explain a bit more.

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    You are also free to have several Qt SDK instances installed. So you can test upgrades in one and keep on in a know-to-be-good state as a fallback;-)

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