How to port a qt application by killing weston display manager.

  • We are devloping an application realted to voip based as the vedio related application requires non weston so we decided to kill the weston and run the application using eglgs platform as well as linuxfb based platform . Application displayed without any fail but the issue is i couldn't able to accessany icons of the application say it have 3 push buttons to go to diferent pages and for different tasks none of them workeed it dispaled like stared image that's it aslo the image is little zoom out kind displayed font also got changed also in console it showed "failed to load module:/usr/lib/""Backend found"
    Can i get any information why this is happening.
    Also can someone let me know what i have to do to make my qt application to run independent on weston.
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    From the looks of it, your input configuration might be wrong. What are you using to interact with your GUI ?

  • Sorry if i am not mistaken you are asking about mouse or touch interaction only right.
    If so we have given pushbutton::clicked() function in application but to board touch is enabled .
    And also after killing weston mouse shows cursor but not actually selecting icon what we pressed on them.

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    So you are using both a touchscreen and a mouse ?

  • @SGaist said in How to port a qt application by killing weston display manager.:

    using both a touchscreen and a mouse ?


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    Did you configure correctly the input backend to use when starting your application ?

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