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3D Plot sans data visualization

  • Is there any way to plot 3D data now that the Qt 6 gang fired the data visualization team? I understand corporate focuses on maximizing profit from commercial customers, but why antagonize the scientific community? I used to use Q3DBars to make surface plots of FITS data from radio astronomy for fourier analysis. Breaking down image data into LCh color space components and plotting the lightness values helps with feature identification and extraction. Don't much like getting tossed back into the stone age designing and building my own data visualization tools. On the other hand, a 3D vector is an amplitude and direction, real world frowns upon calling a 3D point a vector. I gotta go find a pail of cold water in which to soak my head. -Grumpy6.0

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    Based on the checklist for 6.0 inclusion, it's just not part of 6.0. It's likely going to be part of a future release. AFAIK, the goal is to have all modules not marked as dropped (like QtScript which was already obsolete before 5.15) back for 6.2.

  • For real 3D data visualization (3D-plots that you can rotate and volume rendering take a look at VTK.
    If you just have 2.5D data and want to do some false-color plotting of your spectrum in the frequency space I would go with QCustomPlot which is a lot easier to use.

  • @SGaist I apologize for my rant. I put a lot of work learning and using Q3DBars and Q3DSurface. When I learned that Qt6 had dropped both of them, I had to uninstall Qt6 on a number of machines and put Qt5.15.2 back. Hunting for a way to make the same plots using the available Qt6 led to frustration. I know QtScript is obsolete because kdesrc-build still includes it, which generates an error I'm dealing with in another project. I will keep a watchful eye on future versions before doing those Qt6 updates again. Meanwhile, I'm quite happy with Qt5.15.2. With a hearty Well-Done, back into obscurity I go hi-ho.

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