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qcborstreamreader.h broken?

  • Hello.

    Not really a Qt programmer, came here because I'm compiling a Qt app and qcborstreamreader.h appears to be having a stroke? The compilers traceback says the issue is in the Qt header, not the app.

    So, when I attempt to compile theShell on my Arch Linux machine, I get a crapton of errors saying stuff like "expected unqualified-id before numeric constant", "expected ';' before 'int' and 'expected primary-expression before 'int', as well as "expected unqualified-id before numeric constant", "expected ':' before 'int' from qcborstreamwriter.h.

    Is it an app bug, a Qt bug or something broken in Arch?
    Please help!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Which version of Qt ?
    How did you install it ?

  • The Qt version is 5.15.2 according to qmake --version, it was automatically pulled as a package dependency by Pacman, Arch Linux's package manager.

    I did not make any modifications to the Qt headers, this is a brand new installation made by me a couple hours ago.

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    Please show the exact error message and the line from qcborstreamreader.h (+/- some lines). Also the version of your used gcc would be interesting.

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    In addition to @Christian-Ehrlicher's list, please also provide the the compile line call. The used switches may be relevant.

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