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QML and QUndoStack? do we still need a C++ wrapper?

  • Hi,
    I don't find many examples on how to plug my QUndoStack in QML.
    I'd like at least an Undo and Redo buttons with the action text and why not also the QUndoView in a reactive ListView.
    Aren't there an easy way to plug all that in QML? oO
    I've found just this kind of example Qt with Cascades UI Examples Documentation where we need a C++ UndoManager wrapper.
    Is it still the case nowadays?
    It doesn't look complicated but I'm just wondering if there is not a more straight forward solution.
    If you've examples on how to display the QUndoView in a QML ListView, plz share :)

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    AFAIK yes you still have to. As for integrating the view, you should take a look at KDAB's declarative widgets project.

  • @SGaist my example was from Nokia 2012, the very beginning of QML if I remember well... How come somthing such important as the Undo Framework is not available directly in QML and/or even better shared between C++ and QML?...
    I'll check your article. But does those delaratives Widgets have a native look on mobile devices (Android and iOS?).
    One of the reason I switched recently (2020) from Widgets to QML was mainly to relaease "native apps" on all OS.
    Any idea if there will be a work on Qt6 as they said to make Widgets look native too on mobile devices?

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    I do not know, it's something you can ask on the interest mailing list.

    As for the Declarative Widgets project, I don't think they do anything special for look and feel. The goal is to be able to use widgets in QtQuick applications.

    I don't know the current plans for widgets on mobile.

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