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Unable to input Chinese (Chinese characters) ?

  • Unable to input Chinese (Chinese characters) ?
    How to solve it?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You might want to give more details about your situation.

  • Qt for WebAssembly currently does not support using local (system) fonts.

    You can add fonts to a resource file or download the fonts into the platform sandbox and then use
    QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont or
    QFontDatabase::addApplicationFontFromData(b) to load the font.

    You can then pick your font from the font chooser.

    That part would work. Whether it will display correctly and be able to actually input might be a hit and miss right now. I have not been able to test font handling lately.

  • @lorn-potter Thank you very much.
    I know how to display Chinese characters normally:

        int fontId = QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont(QStringLiteral(":/fonts/msyh.ttf"));
        QStringList fontFamilies = QFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies(fontId);
        if ( fontFamilies.size() >0 )
            QFont font;

    But ...
    Just can't input Chinese characters
    The problem made it impossible for me to start Chinese software. @_@

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