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Web enabling a desktop app.

  • We have a drawing application which runs on various desktop/embedded platforms supported by Qt. We are finding it more and more difficult to maintain the IOS version - actually building and publishing is a constant pain.

    So we would like to web enable this application and get rid of the iOS build altogether.

    We are looking at a number of options, including re-writing it as a HTML5/Canvas (or similar) app.

    But also we would like to investigate if it is possible to 'build' the app as a web app that could be run within a browser, without the need for (too many and onerous) plugins.

    The application mainly has a view onto a 'page' object which is based on QGraphicScene. A 'document' is a collection of these pages. Individual items on the pages have the QGraphicsItem, QBrush, QPen, QPixMap base classes as appropriate.

    QPainter is allow a key class being used.

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    Are you thinking of something like the wasm backend ?

  • @SGaist I'm actually pretty much a Qt novice, so the terminology trips me up. But on first/skim reading of that page it looks like a promising avenue. Thanks.

  • @TenG
    Be aware that not all of Qt modules are supported in WASM. Before anything, check the list at against what is in your app. For example, it doesn't do databases, you can't access the local file system, and so on. Also I noticed this time that it requires a Qt static build, but maybe you have to have that for iOS anyway, I don't know.

    If it works for you it's a really simple solution compared to rewriting anything. Just check out the gotchas.