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QT crashes when opening .UI file

  • Hello everyone, I'm using QTCreator 5.15.0 (open source) with these settings: my settings
    Everything works fine, I can open header files and more, but I cannot open .UI files under the forms category, no matter how hard I try. I've already tried reinstalling, but it did nothing to fix the issue. So, I open the .UI file, the program takes some time to load and closes without a warning. I've tried making new projects, using old ones, but those project's UI files don't work either. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated, thank you. (Oh, and FYI I've been using widgets, but my latest project uses a mainwindow instead, and I suspect that it might be at fault(?))

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    At this time there's no such release of Qt Creator, the latest being 4.14.

    Please check the version again.
    Also, how did you install it ?
    On which OS ?

  • Hello, my OS is Windows 10 (recently updated) and I installed QT from the website through the open-source tab. And yes, I'm sorry, it is 4.14, you're correct.

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    Also try to open the ui file with Qt designer (designer.exe in the Qt bin folder). Did you modify the ui file with an editor other than the designer?

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher For some reason, I cannot find the designer.exe file in my bin. Could it be that antivirus has deleted it?

  • This post is deleted!

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    Did you check the Qt Creator folder or the Qt folder globally ?

  • Good evening/morning, posting a week later because I was overworked. I have finally fixed the issue and happy to announce that a solution has been found. Apparently, QT designer was opening a gradient file in C:\users\home\ .designer that caused it to crash. I deleted the gradient file and everything's back to normal. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

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