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Linux board shut down and standby mode frm QT

  • Hi All

    I have question that

    1. linux board system shut down through QT is possible?

    2. stand by mode of the linux board system is possible through the QT?


  • Insofar as a Qt program is a C++ program, you can easily execute any system command you want, including things like "shutdown," simply using the normal C facilities to do so, e.g. @system ("/sbin/shutdown -h now");@ or @exceclp ("telinit","0");@ etc.

  • Thanks for replying me.. I try and tell you..


  • Please I find the commands that shut down the Angstrom linux board and also option for the standby mode of this board...
    After standby mode how to come back it is also question...
    Please help me out...

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