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Building a Qt App via Docker

  • My goal is to build my Qt App for Ubuntu from my macOS machine.

    I believe the best way to do this will be to use Docker and point Qt Creator at it.

    I did find the following set of instructions at Docker Builds from QtCreator, however those instructions are dependent upon > Qt 5.14.x and I need to use Qt 5.12.x.

    I can build the App within a Ubuntu VM, but this is a cumbersome process.

    Is this going to be possible or will I need to use at least 5.14.x?

    If it is possible, can anyone point me to instructions for how to do this?

    Would I be able to use Online Installer 4.x to get Qt installed from within a Docker container? ( btw, is there an equivalent offline installer so this can be done without an internet connection?)

    The issue I am having with the online installer is that I am not sure how to specify the various packages I need. Is it possible to figure out what package strings to pass to the install command from the Qt installation I have within the Ubuntu VM? If so, how?

    Any thoughts or comments on this would be appreciated.

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