Telephony API in latest Qt Mobility version?

  • Hi, I have the latest release of Qt Mobility and also Qt 4.6.
    I am a final year BE student and my project is based on:

    1. Auto answer incoming call from pre-defined number.
    2. Record and recognize the commands given by the caller.
    3. Perform operations according to commands.

    1.The problem i am facing is that the latest version of Qt Mobility has removed the Telephony API and hence I cannot monitor an incoming call, identify the caller or auto answer the call.
    Also, the Qt Mobile Extensions is not working for me as (after searching about it) it was not developed for Qt 4.6. So latest updates are not working for me.
    Is there any way to get telephony API included in my codes and create individual libraries and DLLs for the same.

    1. or Is there a pure C/C++ method to carry out the call related tasks mentioned above?

    I have Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and am new to Qt, so please guide me to the solution for this problem or suggest me some other alternative.

  • Hello,

    Native Symbian development is always available to you. The telephony libraries there are quite rich. It is possible to write an application which combines Qt for most everything and use Symbian for the telephony stuff. Here is an article talking about "using Qt together with Native Symbian C++":


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