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Move / attach dialog to parent ?

  • I can center the dialog on parent, actually on screen
    How can I attach the dialog to parent at a position so it can be moved when parent is moved?

    This is what I have so far

       QProgressDialog *QPD = new QProgressDialog (this);
        //Put the dialog in the screen center
        const QRect screen = QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry();
        this->move( screen.center() - this->rect().center() );
    this->move(screen.bottomLeft() - this->rect().center() );

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    @AnneRanch I think, you're looking for some kind of integration of

  • That is a great idea.
    Why coding the single relation between parent and child if I can rebuild the entire application "cascade style ".
    My objective to show the user the application progress, but I do no want to clutter the screen - hence I have been using this parent ->child scheme.
    Maybe your approach would also help cleanup my cumbersome "connect" implementation.


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