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  • is down ?

  • yeah, I've been trying to install Qt for 2h now, and it times out every time while downloading Meta information.

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  • Same here, I'm trying to install Qt but the installer is stuck at downloading Meta Information...
    @jsulm Yeah that page is up but it's on a different domain

  • I've just thought to view the mirror list on the Wayback Machine. Currently using this mirror but it's pretty slow. I'm sure you'll be able to find something appropriately faster based on your location.

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    This is being worked on, I'll keep you updated.

  • Do you have any indication on when the server will be back up?

  • more than 10 hours down?? still can't access

  • Same. I'm eager to start working on something. I'll be so happy once it is back up.

  • @alluLinger This morning ( 6 hours ago) I had no problems using the server, as I used the online installer and that installer was able to contact the server since I did a successful install.
    However, it appears completely down for a steady 2 hours now.

  • The server is currently down for me. I need the offline installer in order to get version 5.12.10 and cannot reach it. Is there any indication of when this will be back up?

  • I kinda hacked my command line installation on Linux with the below command:

    ./ in --at '','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','',''

    As far as I can tell, it's messy cause it's installing way too much feature but ... at least I can install it and remove unwanted features with the MaintenanceTool once its installed.

  • 17 hours since first reported and still down. Is there any reason for such prolonged downtime?

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    Yes, see the corresponding thread on the interest mailing list.

    The cloud service provider is having severe hard drive failure.

  • @SGaist They say that the online installer is not affected and can use mirrors. Where can this be found? I could not install it using the installer.

  • @SGaist great find. It seems that the mirror list is part of the same server as the downloads (lol). We should try to post that link here whenever it is found.

  • @Alex-sw30 From

    EDIT: All 3 mentioned doesn't seem to be even working with the latest online installer for me. LMK if they end up working for anyone else.

  • @nadim-asad They say "or just use the online installer"... That doesn't work...

  • @cpecue Online Installer will keep failing with "Cannot retrieve remote tree ." as it cannot even access the mirrorlist which is located in Whoever made that comment didn't check before commenting.

  • @nadim-asad I was able to flick on the link and download one of the versions. I am not sure if there is anything else to do.

  • @nadim-asad Thanks! That's the update that I was looking for. For the lazy:

  • @cpecue said in is down ?:

    @nadim-asad They say "or just use the online installer"... That doesn't work...

    @nadim-asad said in is down ?:

    @cpecue Online Installer will keep failing with "Cannot retrieve remote tree ." as it cannot even access the mirrorlist which is located in Whoever made that comment didn't check before commenting.

    You can make the online installer "work" with the command line if you're running Linux (don't know for Windows/MacOS, but it's easy to check).

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi looks like im also unable to download qt. in the setup page, i always get this error: Cannot retrive remote tree .

  • @Sai_b It is on their end.

  • @Sai_b I have the same situation 8hrs ago till now.

  • Can confirm! Tried yesterday afternoon and this morning, and the entire thing is (still) completely unresponsive even to ping.

    $ ping
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Request timed out.

  • @Blaz Qt infrastructure has a main failure.

    On Qt Mailings Tuuka Turunen has written:

    Update on the status. The downtime is caused by severe disk system failure at our cloud service provider. The service provider has notified us that they will not be able to repair the disk systems during today.

    Two important servers related to open-source package delivery are affected (download frontend and delivery system master). Mirrors are not affected, so online installer works and also offline packages can be downloaded directly from the mirrors. Commercial package distribution is done via a different system, which is not affected by this.

    You can try to use those mirrors:

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    @KroMignon said in is down ?:

    You can try to use those mirrors:

    Thanks, @KroMignon. Note that the mirrors are only useful if you're downloading an Offline installer (Qt <= 5.14.2). The Online installer needs to connect to so it won't work.

  • @JKSH Oh, it's only for offline installers, got it. I was frantically looking up which of the parameters to MaintenanceTool.exe were the ones to pass one of these URLs to as none of these (--addRepository <URI,...>, --addTempRepository <URI,...>, and --setTempRepository <URI,...>) worked.

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  • Issue is still present at this time.

  • it's still down, I was thinking that it was my fault until I found this forum, @SGaist @kkoehne do you have any confirmation about when will it be back online ?

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    Based on the latest information published on the mailing list, it's still unknown. The provider has suffered a catastrophic failure and has to recreate lots of machines. The Qt Company is not alone being affected.

  • I've installed qt creator with the offline installer but it asks me to select a version and it says "No suitable kits found." so I can't open or finish my school project that is due to tomorrow, what should I do to get it working? I've tried getting this program to work for 4 days now, I don't understand why we can't use visual studio instead.....

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    @StenGay You have to install Qt also. And a compiler (on Windows select Qt for MinGW).

  • @StenGay I'm also new to Qt but as far as I know Qt creator and Qt are different things. So what you have to install are Qt and a working compiler( e.g. MinGW).

    BTW I think this is a perfect excuse to have your ddl extended lol. Just slap the blog on your teacher('s face).

  • For the moment you can install Qt from any mirror using aqtinstall (=> Another Qt Installer), which is actually meant for automatic installations from command line. It won't install QtCreator, though. Only libraries and binaries for building your project. Check out the aqtinstall github page for a manual:

    1. Download Python and check "Add to PATH"

    2. pip install aqtinstall

    3. Install Qt with aqt:

    C: & cd C:\ & mkdir C:\Qt

    python -m aqt install --base --outputdir c:\Qt 5.15.2 windows desktop win64_msvc2019_64

  • @StenGay I download and installed the Qt 5.12 offline without issues.
    I'm not pretty sure but when you try to install Qt behind a proxy you must configure the settings in the installer, but if not there should be no issues.

    Then when the installation continues, there is a screen asking you for what packages you want. In my case I select msvc and mingw tool kits and the mingw compiler.

    If you want another version of mingw you could download from here targetting Win32/Personal Builds/mingw-builds/installer/mingw-w64-install.exe/download

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