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Error in PdfDocument documentation?

  • I'm trying to display a PDF inside my QtQuick2 application (Qt 5.15). In my googling, I found the PdfDocument QML type documentation, and in the detailed description section, it states that the PdfDocument object "is not necessary for rendering, as it is enough to use an Image with source set to the URL of the PDF."

    I interpret that to mean that I can just use a regular QML Image and point the source at my PDF file, and it will do exactly what I want. This doesn't seem to be true. For example, if my QML looks like:

    ApplicationWindow {
        title: qsTr("Qt5 QtQuick Demo")
        width: 640
        height: 480
        color: "whitesmoke"
        onClosing: main.shutdown()
        ColumnLayout {
            id: mainlayout
            anchors.fill: parent
            Image {
                id: pdfview
                Layout.fillWidth: true
                Layout.fillHeight: true
                source: "/home/user/Desktop/sample.pdf"

    I get the following error:

    file:///home/user/Desktop/pdfview-project/qml/main.qml:18:9: QML Image: Error decoding: file:///home/user/Desktop/sample.pdf: Unsupported image format

    So that doesn't seem right to me. Does the QML Image object actually support PDF, or is that an error in the documentation of PdfDocument?

  • Got it. So, if QtPDF is installed, then Image will support PDFs.

    I'd still prefer if the documentation could be clarified to state that explicitly. I'd be happy to submit a patch for the documents, if that can be done.

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    @malocascio said in Error in PdfDocument documentation?:

    if that can be done

    It can.
    But I don't see why this should be explicitly mentioned in the doc: PDF is not an image format.

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