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How to get basic scrolling to work on non-touch device?

  • I can't seem to create a simple form using Qt Designer that would scroll using the phone's arrow keys. I'm using the Qt Simulator. Do I need to wrap the contents inside a ScrollArea? Should there be a layout inside the ScrollArea. Nothing I try seem to show the scrollbars at all.

    Can anyone give me a super-simple .ui file with a couple of form elements and get that to scroll on a non-touch device.

  • Maybe it would be better to do some small forms instead one big?

  • Thanks for the reply. I would paginate the form, but the problem is that one of the fields' height is something that the user can affect. So I would need to add support for scrolling anyway.

    I'm just confused as to how the scrolling is supposed to work. Apparently not automatically.

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