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QT Designer is missing help files?

  • I just installed QT Designer for use with Python in Anaconda on Windows 10.

    Qt Designer is missing the detailed context-sensitive help files for all of the widgets that come with Qt Designer. The Help Menu pops open an image of the Qt Assistant Quick Guide, which itself show many widget help topics, but the help content is not actually there.

    I need these help libraries to learn the details about each widgets' properties.

    I have searched everywhere in the Anaconda site-packages and found nothing that looks like help files.

    I installed and started using PyQt Designer on Windows 10 about 3 years ago, but haven't used it in a long time. The Help Files were missing back then too. Is this omission intentional or just an oversight in the production compilation process? Are we supposed to compile or install them ourselves? It seems to me that they should be bundled with the product.

    Can someone please tell know where I can download the detailed help files and then how to install them?

    Thank you.


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    Install and use Qt Creator - it comes with contextual help included.

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