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Best 10" android tablet for QML apps

  • Hi there,
    I'd like to do some development with Qt/QML on android tablets, it would be interesting to hear about your experiences with Qt on android based tablets - as well as a hint on which tablet device i should use, so far the only device I've seen on youtube running a QML-viewer was a samsung galaxy tab.
    Thanks and best regards,

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    With Necessitas, I guess that all Android tablets will run Qt without problems. In theory, it supports all Android APIs, including those from 3.0 branch (I don't remember exactly, but those are API sets 12 - 14). Can't verify myself though, as I only have Android 2.3.3 (runs smoothly without errors on this machine, which is API 10).

  • Happy New Year everybody - I've received a GalaxyTab 10.1N with Android 3.2 and managed to run my first QML-Hello World using Necessitas - it worked right out of the box, compile, deploy and it runs on the device, really cool :-)
    However I had problems with the Windows-Installer of Necessitas SDK because after installation the heuristics of my anti-virus tool (Kaspersky) complained about supicious signatures and prevented the execution of qtcreator.
    I've worked around this by using the Linux installer on a Ubuntu based virtual machine (VMWare) which works quite well.

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    Now just to wait for ICS to come out with Cyanogen 9 :) Although I am not sure whether Necessitas supports ISC API yet.

  • Apple iPad 2
    Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
    Samsung Galaxy Tab Series

    Here are the top 3 ipads that i googled :)

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    iPad 2 is not very Android ;)

    Can the original software be replaced on Apple's HW? Has anyone tried doing that, by the way (I am aware this is a big off topic - you can safely ignore that question :) )?

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