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How to add kit and device to Qt for Android

  • Hi, I am new to Qt and recently installed Qt 5.15.2 (MSVC 2019, 64 bit) on Windows 10. Installed necessary SDK and NDK also openssl. I have used Set Up SDK and Download OpenSSL in Tools > Options > Devices > Android.

    Now I am stuck at adding device to Qt Creator to develop application. I to referred this Getting Started with Qt for Android. I have added the screenshot of the installed version.

  • @QtFranchise
    When you install your Qt, tick for Android. After installing, the kit will automatic add to your project setting for all projects, just choose it if you want to build for android. Something like this:
    Screenshot from 2020-12-21 11-14-58.png

    About device, just make sure on Android Studio you have simulators. When you want to run, a box of devices list will show, like this:
    Screenshot from 2020-12-21 11-16-56.png

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