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Program giving an error message when trying to run in Pycharm

  • So I've been messing around with qt designer for a bit and tried implementing it in a base project to test it out. I converted the saved UI file to python and imported it into the project but when I click run all I end up getting is this:


    When I tried opening the main project file from file explorer it would work but then stop working after a bit


    I've tried doing research to find a solution but all I've really gotten was to copy the platforms file from \PyQt5\Qt\plugins and pasting it in \pyqt5_tools\Qt\bin. The only problem is that my pyqt5_tools folder doesn't have a Qt folder


    I followed the instructions with a tutorial on youtube to show how to set up everything (Installed modules through pip, created UI file, import, etc)

    This is the code I have:


    It's exactly the same as the tutorials code with the only difference being the converted UI files name (They were also using Pycharm and had no issues running it). I can't seem to figure it out and it would be greatly appreciated if someone knows how to fix it.

  • @Starnomaly
    In a Command Prompt:


    and look at the end of the diagnostic output for the error and its cause.

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