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Cross compiling for raspberry pi 4 problem

  • I just cross compiled QT on ubuntu for my raspberry this is the code that I followed .

    I think that I did something wrong because when I created a project and tried to test it on my raspberry I had this error and the system crashed

    Could not queue DRM page flip on screen HDMI (invalid argument)

    there is some problem with eglfs (the project worked with ./speedometer -platform linuxfb

    how to fix this and also I have this error while triyng to compile a new project

    I am new to Qt can someone please explain to me what is wrong ? do I need to reinstall it ?

  • @amina said in Cross compiling for raspberry pi 4 problem:

    Could not queue DRM page flip on screen HDMI

    Could this be of help:

    In particular, setting


    solved my problem.

  • @Diracsbracket sorry for my late relay it was the first time that I post in this forum and I didn't get any notification so I thought that nobody answered ! actually I deleted the qt version because I couldn't fix it and I got other problems I couldn't even import QtQuick.Studio.Components 1.0 it does not exist, so I tried to uninstall all of it and tried again from the beginning ! I am still stack :( ! couldn't make it work :( please if you have any good documentation on how to cross compile qt on an os without a desktop version please share it with me ! and also which configuration should I make in my os to make qt work (I created an os with buildroot which is very minimal )

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