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Can't find where latest version of Qt Creator was installed

  • Ok, this feels like a dumb question, but:

    I have Qt Creator 4.8.0 installedon macOS 11.0 at:


    Works fine.

    I ran the maintenace tool from :


    It successfully added Qt 5.15.2 to ~/Qt/5.15.2.

    It says it updated Qt Creator to Qt 4.13.3. But I can't find it!

    ~/Qt/Qt has not been updated.

    It doesn't seem to be in ~/Qt/.

    Is there are log that tells me where it installed it?

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    @AndyBrice have you checked, if the About QtCreator box still displays 4.8 or if it actually says 4.13 ? 😉

  • Yes, the Qt Creator about box still says 4.8.0..

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