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Mainwindow problem

  • Hi,i'am working with a group of friends on a qt c++ project ,after finishing our tasks we must do the integration,so i will integrate all my friends projects in one,the problem is that they all use mainwindow in their tasks without a dialog,so i can't add my friend mainwindow.h and .cpp and .ui to my project which it has already one ,so what can i do please, thanks for your help

  • @med12
    This isn't enough of an explanation./thought through. What does "integration" actually mean? You cannot just combine a bunch of codes/project by some magic. Yes, you have to think about clashing file names, class names, whether multiple programs all use QMainWindows, how they are supposed to fit together, and so on. You will indeed have to rename your friends' files, and doubtless their classes, but that is only the start of putting things together.

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    @med12 Usually if collaborating on same project people work on same code base and use a version control system like Git. You should think about switching to this approach instead of messing up with different code bases.

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