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How to move items in a qtreewidget?

  • I wonder if someone could show me an example how to move qtreewidgetitems in a qtreewidget?

    I would like to move an item, and all its sub items, to a new place in the tree. I guess that could be triggered by drawing the item with the mouse.

  • Take a look at the example here

    basically you nee to subclass the model and then implement
    flags() as well as mimeData() and dropMimeData()

  • QTreeWidget is already implemented to drag & drop.
    You can just enable that by setDragDropMode(QAbstractItemView::InternalMove).
    After that all the items with Qt::ItemIsDragEnabled / Qt::ItemIsDropEnabled flag will be able to be dragged / dropped.
    But it is not well controlled. For example, you cannot limit a item to be moved to only the same level.

  • But how can I find out what item was dragged and on what item it was dropped?

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    Why do you need that information for ?

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