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Cant compile project

  • Hey
    I am very new to Qt and run into a problem.
    I finished my first project(Qt Widgets Application) and I followed some tutorials for how to compile in Qt. It runs without a single error message. when I check for the folder it should have created I can't find it.

    My spec:
    Qt Creator 4.11.0
    Virtuelle Linux maschine
    Compiler GCC / Clang

    Hopefully, someone can help me with my problem.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What folder should that be ?

  • @Mothershadowninja

    Check your build directory.

    If you dont specify a full path, your app will create new folders in its working directory, which is your build dir (when running your app from QtC).

    If you still can't find it, show us what you did.

    Btw: I think the title of this topic doesn't describe your issue properly. As far as I understand, you project compiles, but you just can't find the folders it should have created.

  • @SGaist
    Thanks for the Tipp. It creates now a folder and I see all my source, header, and O-files. That is a step in the right direction. But no .exe file. Is there something I oversee?
    I follow the step shown in the help-section.

    And sorry I couldn't think of a better topic.

  • @Mothershadowninja said in Cant compile project:

    It creates now a folder and I see all my source, header, and O-files.

    Can you explain what you are doing?
    What Qt Kit are you using?
    What build system are you using?
    Have you take a look at QtCreator documentation? ==>

  • @Mothershadowninja

    What are you talking about?
    What folders? Do you mean the folders in your QtCreator's project directory or folders somewhere else on your HD?

    You need to deploy your app in order to use your .exe.
    It should be in your build directory.

  • Sure
    I do it like this:

    1. Click on the Build and Run Kit Selector icon
    2. And then I press Ctrl+B

    I use perhaps a preset Kit with the following parameters
    Device type: Desktop
    Device: Lokaler PC
    Compiler: GCC(C++,x86bit )
    Debugger : GDB for the system
    Qt version: Qt 5.12 8
    CMake generator <none> - <none>,Platform: <none>, Toolset: <none>
    CMake Configuration:

  • After a new install from Qt and MinGW it works.

    Thanks for the help everyone

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