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Mouserelease event is not received in pushbutton event handler sometimes with Qt 5.6.3 tslib

  • Hi,

    Issue: Button’s on the UI QT 5.6.3 widgets application seem to be stuck sometimes when we press and release and found that mousereleaseevent is not received in the application or widget.

    Based on mouse pressed or released event, the stylesheet for pressed and released/normal is applied.

    The target platform uses Qt v5.6.3 with tslib via LinuxFB n the v4.14 linux kernel built with yocto rocko.

    There are penup events received from tslib_test program (like sample.pressure=0 with negative xpos coordinates), not sure if the release event is missed to propagate to the widget with missing coordinates in qtbase/src/platformsupport/input/tslib/qtslib.cpp.

    Is there is any known issue of missing mouse release events in Qt 5.6.3 or any known patch available with qtslib in Qt5.6.3?

    Appreciate for the suggestions in this regard.

  • @Ramakanth Found issue in latest talib version 1.22 where module median depth=3 needs to be set explicitly in ts.conf to avoid negative x values for the pen up event when pressure =0.

    Posting the same incase any one face the issue when Qt5 is configured with -tslib.

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