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Qt 5.15.1 breaks camera/view centering in qt3d

  • I switched from Qt 5.15.0 to 5.15.1 on macOS Mojave.
    Now, the origin/center of the coordinate system is somehow placed in the top right corner of the Qt3dWindow whereas my camera is placed somewhere else:

    I am setting the camera up like this:

    qt3DWindow_->camera()->viewSphere({0, 0, 0}, defaultCameraRadius_);

    and I control it using the QOrbitCameraController.

    broken camera/view in Qt 5.15.1:
    broken (5.15.1)

    how it (approximately) looked before in Qt 5.15.0:
    how it approximately looked before (5.15.0)

    The arrows in red, green, and blue correspond to the x,y, and z axis. (The arrows have unit length and are placed in the origin {0,0,0}).

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    @Finn said in Qt 5.15.1 breaks camera/view centering in qt3d:

    Another comment directed to the people responsible for the homebrew package

    This is not the right place to ask this as this is Qt user forum, not homebrew project forum (which is completely unrelated to Qt).

  • @jsulm I agree, my frustration with homebrew has nothing to do with the problem and I will remove it from the question. However, my question is about the problem with the camera/view.

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