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How to get from Qt Designer (signal editor) to Qt Creator code ?

  • I may have asked this before , so forgive me if so.
    I have taken a detour from my program and now trying to recollect how to
    "get from Qt Designer to Qt Creator". From GUI to code.
    In laymen terms - I am in "Edit " -> "Edit signal & slots" -> "Signal @ slot editor " and want to edit the actual slot code.

    42318bc3-b9c5-4210-9597-5c44ce18ee29-image.png get from Qt Designer to Qt Creator

    How do I get from here to code for "doItemsLayout(() slot?

    I can hack it using 'search" for doItemsLayout(() , but since this is IDE there got to be a cleaner way. Is it not ?

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    Are you using the independent tool called Designer or are you in Qt Creator ? If the later, open the .cpp file that was created for your class and add your code there.

    Sorry, the text layout made miss that point.

    Open your project in Qt Creator and you can edit there the code.

    It would be easier to use Qt Creator directly since it integrates the Designer functionnality.

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